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Albums Released:

Dilup Vadana
1981 - Instrumentals of popular Sinhala songs
I like Music 1982
1st original English album. Produced by Manager Earl Arnolda
Purple Dream
1984 - 2nd original English album
1987 - Instrumentals of popular Sinhala & English songs
1999 - 1st World Music Album
2002 - 2nd World Music Album
In the Mood
2002 - Instrumentals of popular English songs
Guttila 2004
English Musical. Music composed, arranged and performed by Diliup. Lyrics by Uddaka Tennekoon
Warriors of Light
2005 - 3rd World Music Album

Variety is the spice of life. Diliup is not restricted to any particular style of music. He has worked with many artists having many different styles. Songs and Albums produced for other artists are listed under the "EMorphus Productions" page.
Learn Music - a software Music Education Tool Learn Music - a software Music Education Tool
Learn Music is a software Music Education tool created by Diliup Gabadamudalige. This is the First Music Education Software written in Sri Lanka. Diliup who is the pioneer in MIDI and computer based music performance and production in Sri Lanka creates history by creating this software. The concept design and coding is by Diliup. The software is written in Python and compiled for the Windows platform.
The software can be downloaded from www.soft.diliupg.com

Sadaham Maga Nopamawa Sadaham Maga Nopamawa
An Album of original Buddhis Songs. Written by Dushani (Dinu) Perera,
Concept and Music by Diliup.
Vocalized by Shantha Herath, Janani Tillakeratne and Diliup

Tranquility Tranquility
A collection of 12 Instrumental Compositions released under the M Entertainment label. The 1st. Track Warriors is a dedication to the Sri Lankan Armed Forces. All compositions are fusion tracks with jazz influences with skillful blending of Sri Lankan and Asian elements.

Collaboration Collaboration
A collection of 15 Original songs released under the M Entertainment label. 12 in Sinhala and 3 in English. Deff Rude (Eshana Gabadamudalige, Geesa Santiago and Nadeera Illeperumarachchi), probably the youngest Sri Lankan Trio to release 2 English songs on a CD under a commercial label.The album also highlights the vocal talents of young Wathsala Gunatilleke who sang with Diliup for many years, Sri Lankan Super Star Nalin Perera singing Traffic Jam, a Baila composed by Diliup, Ravi Alagiyawanna, the winner of Rajitha Rushmi 2007, "FOUR" the boy band and Nalika Gunaratne from UK.

Warriors of Light Warriors of Light
A Fusion /World/Jazz/Ethno instrumental compositional album released in December 2005 contains 12 "songs without words". Each track tells a story which is briefly outlined in the included cd booklet and the rest is left to the imagination of the listener. Listen to some tracks from this and other albums on the "Downloads" page.

Guttila The English Musical Guttila The English Musical
A full length Opera staged at the Bishop's College Auditorium in 2004. Double CD released under the Torana label. Lyrics written by Uddaka Tennekoon

Evolution Evolution
The second Fusion/World/Jazz/Ethno original Instrumental music CD released under the Torana label in 2002.

Newfrontier Newfrontier
The First Fusion/World/Jazz/Ethno original Instrumental Music CD released in 1999 in Germany under the World Music category. This album is still available in e-shops on the internet.

In the Mood In the Mood
A CD of popular English dance tunes especially for dance enthusiasts released under the Torana label in 2002.

Purple Dream Purple Dream
11 English compositions also released in 1985.

I Like Music I Like Music
Released in 1982. The title song was a hit on the air waves. CD technology was not available at this time.

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